Book Review: Divine Bloodlines by Christina Surretsky

Wondering if you’ll like “Divine Bloodlines?” Check out this in depth review from Maple Brown Sugar!

Maple Brown Sugar

Being a voracious reader and book hoarder, you’d think I would devote a blog post to book reviews. So far, I’ve been lax in that department, when I’m flush with books. Now I’m finally expanding my repertoire and starting with a review of Divine Bloodlines, a great new YA (young adult) book by Christina Surretsky.

Let me preface this by stating that I became acquainted with Christina Surretsky’s writing through the blog we both write for, Jersey Moms Blog, . Upon reading her first blog post which was hysterically funny, engaging and relatable, I quickly became a fan. Although the blog features a group of amazing writers, Christina is one for whom I usually stop whatever I’m doing just to read what she has to say. Generally, when I like a writer’s oeuvre, I tend to obsessively seek out anything they have written and read it.  However, I’ve…

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